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Wilderness Walk: It's Here!

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Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The first game is here the first (preseason) game is here it is it is it is!!!! ALSO we've breached the 90-days-till-Star-Wars barrier, and that is also exciting.

So excited that Hockey is back. it is it is it is!

For our music today, enjoy this great hit from 70's group Tower of Power, with one of there newer lead singers: Larry Braggs.

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Stick Taps

What I Learned This Off-season | High Heels and High Sticks
Another well-written piece about the Patrick Kane case.

Wild News

Minnesota Wild: Signatures From the Past | Gone Puck Wild
Danny Lambert runs down his top 4 Wild players.

Evolution of a Hockey Fan - Part VIII - A High Price To Pay | Wild Xtra
A story many can relate to, myself included.

Wild's exhibition-opening lineup Monday vs. Sabres |
Remember, Monday's game, no matter what the score after three periods will feature the first of three trial 3-on-3 overtimes.

Wild: Former Gopher Mike Reilly all business in first training camp |
Like they did with Matt Dumba last season, the Wild only want Reilly to stay in the NHL if he's playing regularly. If it looks as if he would be an occasional scratch, the team says it would rather let him develop his game in the minors.

Wild ready for Monday's preseason opener vs. Sabres, future star Jack Eichel |
Devan Dubnyk originally was slated to play half of Monday's game, but the coaching staff decided instead to play Darcy Kuemper on Monday against the Sabres and start Niklas Backstrom on Tuesday against the Jets.

Wild coach Mike Yeo plans to challenge officials' calls this season |
The NHL has implemented challenges to select on-ice calls that coaches can use, much like the NFL and MLB. Coaches will be able to challenge whether a play that led to a goal was onside, and whether goalie interference occurred on a play that led to a goal.

Wild's Parise looking ahead following tough year away from the rink | theScore
Couldn't have been easy.

Off the Trail

Police classify death of former NHLer Todd Ewen as suicide: Report | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

Jaromir Jagr blackmailed with scandalous model selfie, doesn’t care: Report | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Ugh.. hilarious, but also just kinda sad.

Botched OT call forces teams to settle game the following day | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
WOW. That is impressive.