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Wilderness Walk: Preseason Game Day Edition

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Scribes, coaches and players react to the overtime victory in Winnipeg. The Patrick Kane saga gets stranger.

The guys celebrate a preseason win.
The guys celebrate a preseason win.
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The coaches and players seem happy with the day-over-day growth in the compete level of the team.  While this might seem like a commentary about the crew that played against the Sabres, I think it's really more a testament to the effort put out by the group in Winnipeg, including the trio of players that played in both games: Tyler Graovac, Mike Reilly, and Kurtis Gabriel.  The narrative surrounding Thomas Vanek seems to have cooled to a simmer from it's rolling boil the previous day, but there is another place for hockey fans' anger to be placed (we'll get to that).  But first here is tonight's lineup, notably missing Mike Reilly and featuring Devan Dubnyk starting in the net:

Twitter was set ablaze as conflicting reports surfaced regarding tampering of the evidence bag containing the rape kit in the Patrick Kane investigation.  We are providing the news here, but we will caution - there are too many stories out there for anyone to know what is actually going on.  Please refrain from speculating about this case, everyone just has to be patient to see how the whole thing pans out.  The nature of how news regarding this has broken is proof that the public is not privy to the details of the case, so none of us know right now what is really going on, and it will be investigated.

Today's musical selections continues and completes our series of Top Gun vidoes for those that haven't seen the classic movie and features one Kenny Loggins and his song "Playing with the boys".  Walk it out.

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