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Wilderness Walk: New Deal Edition

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Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Whoops! I almost forgot that I'm on duty for Saturday walks nowadays. Sorry folks!

The Wild play another game tonight, against the Edmonton McDavids, or the Connor Oilers, or something. Yeah.

Enjoy Steve Martin singing about how much he loves hurting people.

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Wild News

Wild relying on Kuemper, youngsters in Saskatoon |
On the day off between trips to Columbus and Saskatoon, the Wild held a pretty workmanlike practice Friday at Xcel Energy Center.

On Music and Hockey | Wild Xtra
I think we all know it should be Bring Da Ruckus.

Wild: Darcy Kuemper gets critical start in place his career started |
It's all you, Darcy. DON'T MESS THIS UP.

Wild report: Zac Dalpe hopes he finds a home in Minnesota |
Already playing with the fourth organization of his young career, 25-year-old Zac Dalpe is hoping a good first impression will lead to better results.

Off the Trail

Reporter Threatened Over Patrick Kane Coverage | The Hockey Writers
This is awful.

The Enforcer: An Endangered Role That Needs to Be Extinct | The Hockey Writers
The point to be had is this, am I glad this league didn’t allow fighting? You betchya. I would have gotten into some real fights because I was a physical player and wore my emotions on my sleeves. But I’m glad there were rules to protect me from myself.

Stanley Cup Prospects, Part 3: The Contenders |
Apparently Edmonton and Buffalo are more likely to win a cup this year than Minnesota?