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Wilderness Walk: Progress is Being Made (but it's slow)

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Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

We are very slowly getting there, Wild fans... it's coming. But we're not getting there quickly.

There's a fair amount of news, despite the holiday, so enjoy. Also, enjoy "Tubthumping" as performed by They Might Be Giants

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Wild News

Minnesota Wild 2015-16 Predictions: Nino Niederreiter | The Hockey Writers

Wild dealing with goalie issue and a chat with Fletcher |
Some notes from Russo.

Wild's Ryan Suter: 'We can't take a step back' |
I think we're all hoping for a bounce back year from the veteran defender.

Wild star Ryan Suter working hard to keep his father's legacy alive |
A cool story for the Suter family.

5 Breakout Candidates For 2015-2016 | The Hockey Writers
I'm a big fan of this Wild player being picked.

Off the Trail

Flyers fans using GoFundMe to buy rival Pittsburgh Penguins | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
I love this. I hope it doesn't work, but I love it.