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Wilderness Walk: Technical Difficulties Snoozefest Survivor Edition

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I'm not sad I'm just Minnesotan.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Last night's hockey game may have been the most boring miserable hockey game I have ever watched. The probable bright spot, Zach Parise's goal, didn't make the broadcast due to technical difficulties. It wasn't fun. Let's move on.

Today's song is a reason to not hate being a Minnesotan, forgetting all of yesterday's sports.

Wild News

I don't think the Wild deserve news. Nothing's happening with them basically.

Wild's 2-1 loss to Devils is kind of a drag - "Kind of a drag" is a huge understatement.

Wild report: Ex-Gopher Mike Reilly makes a good first impression - Yeah, sure, but he still has his face so...

Off the Trail

Ovechkin becomes 1st Russian to score 500 goals | He's so great. He followed it up with 501 later in the game.

Narrative vs. Objective: A Tale of Two Ovechkins - The Faceoff Circle A look at his remarkable career.

Injured NWHL player Denna Laing: 'I would never take those moments back' | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports This is a really remarkable statement. Wishing her all the best going forward.

Canucks announce they’re trading Chris Higgins at some point | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports I don't think the Canucks are a very well run organization.

Wild's Parise sympathetic to Stamkos' contract situation: 'It's not easy' | So basically I should expect Stamkos to wait for four days, then sign with Toronto along with the best free agent defenseman?

Evander Kane gets last laugh on Winnipeg Jets’ ‘Track Suit Night’ (Gallery) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports On one hand, this is kinda cute. It's cool that Winnipeg is dealing with their bitterness in a funny interesting way. It's cool that Evander Kane gave up his chance at an empty net trick to pass to Sam Reinhart and get the rookie a hat trick. On the other hand, the Winnipeg media's perception of Evander Kane has always seemed questionable, and possibly grossily racist. And if I'm allowed to have three hands in this discussion, which I am, it's important not to forget that less than two weeks ago Evander Kane was accused of sexual assault. The fact that he's allowed to continue to play in the NHL with no ill effects as the investigation goes on is pathetic. But I guess all the babies in track suits are kind of cute.