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Wilderness Walk: Impossible Dreams Edition

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Sadness and woe.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

I am not going to write about that game. I watched it. That's enough suffering in my life for one night.

Instead let's talk about the not terrible piece of Wild television from last night: Marco Scandella's Becoming Wild episode. It was practically perfect in every way. He skated with children! He beat children at basketball! He put on an amazing hat with a feather on it! If FSN had played this episode six times in a row instead of the hockey game my life would have had so much less sadness.

Last week I wasn't around to subject you to any musical theater because I was celebrating my dad's birthday. Today I want to share a song from one of his favorite musicals.

Wild News

Stumped again: Wild shut out in second straight - Don't read this unless you like reading miserable things.

Wild's Fletcher says he won't overreact with hastily considered trade - I want to believe.

Dubnyk looking forward to all-star trip to Nashville - Hopefully he'll enjoy that trip more than this one.

Off the Trail

Women's Hockey Notebook: Outdoor aftermath; Blades future; Bruins donate $200K to Denna Laing | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports Lots of things to read.

Why Carl Hagelin failed with Anaheim Ducks | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports This was a weird trade.

Capitals' Trotz encouraged by Mike Richards' play in 1st game | I still don't understand this????

The X-Files: John Scott trade conspiracy edition | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports woooooo-woooo-ooooooh

Sharks win 5th in a row after Hertl's overtime winner | Fun must be always :) thx for beating the Stars.

Kopitar's cost a lesser of 2 evils for Kings | So much money, but yeah, better than letting him leave.