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Wild bury Kings in 3-goal bonanza

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Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not even sure what to say. The Wild did so many things for the first time tonight (at least for the first time in so long a time that it feels like the first time). The Wild scored a 5v5 goal... and they scored a 5v5 goal without being behind and they scored it looking like a legitimate NHL team. Even better, the Wild scored a power play goal! I wasn't sure those still existed! And Haula netted a shorty! It was a good night all around.

The Kuemperor played about as well as you could ask him to, making every stop he should and a few he shouldn't. Jonathan Quick made stops too, and the first period ended 0-0, and was pretty even. It was a great road period for the Wild, considering the (lack of ) quality of their play lately. Add to that that the Wild were on the wrong end of a back-to-back, and it was an impressive performance from the young netminder.

The second frame saw the Wild get some Power Play opportunities, and they would eventually make it pay off. Thomas Vanek received the puck down low and fired a pass across the goalmouth to Parise who had a tap-in past an open net. Unhappy to have given up the lead, the Kings pushed hard to find an equalizer, and came very close. Darcy made a huge stop and as the rebound fell to Marco Scandella, he flipped a long lob to Charlie Coyle. Coyle batted the puck towards himself to establish possession and fired a writer past Quick.

The third period saw the Kings push hard for a goal, but ultimately the only score would be Erik Haula on an odd-man-rush while killing a penalty. The scoring ended 3-0, as did the game, with the Wild finding their first win in a while.

Overall, this was the first game the Wild played well in. It was the first time in a while the Wild won. The Wild are back in action on Saturday against the Sharks. Till then, let's enjoy the win!