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Wilderness Walk: Sadness Makes Sense Edition

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Instead of trying to say anything about the Wild, I thought I'd share a poem for us to reflect on.

I'm Going Back to Minnesota Where Sadness Makes Sense

O California, don’t you know the sun is only a god

if you learn to starve for him? I’m bored with the ocean

I stood at the lip of it, dressed in down, praying for snow

I know, I’m strange, too much light makes me nervous

at least in this land where the trees always bear green.

I know something that doesn’t die can’t be beautiful.

Have you ever stood on a frozen lake, California?

The sun above you, the snow & stalled sea—a field of mirror

all demanding to be the sun too, everything around you

is light & it’s gorgeous & if you stay too long it will kill you

& it’s so sad, you know? You’re the only warm thing for miles

& the only thing that can’t shine.

— Danez Smith

Wild News

NHL Insider: Fan questions aplenty during Wild's slide - I don't like any of these answers.

Wild notes: Suter's uncle tags along to receive honor from Sharks - This is actually kind of nice. Glad to see the Wild involved in something not terrible.

Off the Trail

Alex Ovechkin Uses Snowblower Like He Promised, Compares DC Blizzard to a Moscow Spring (Video) Ovi is a delight.

Report: Canadiens not making Galchenyuk available despite team's slump | So here is a center the Wild are not trading for, okay.

VIDEO: Linus Omark lights stick on fire in KHL All-Star skills contest | This is great.

Tortorella suffers 2 broken ribs in collision at Blue Jackets practice | Torts life is just a lot okay?

Report: Lightning made Stamkos an offer at an average of $8.5M a season | If Kopitar is getting $10k, then doesn't this seem low?

CWHL All-Star Game Recap: Poulin's two goals leads Team Chu | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports Both women's leagues are having their All-Star games this weekend.

NWHL All-Star Weekend Cocktails! - Watch This I don't drink, but these look very fancy.