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Wilderness Walk: I Want To Believe Game Day Edition

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consider: outer-space.

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I want to believe that the Wild are not going to make me sad tonight, but that's very hard. I'm an alien agnostic — they're probably out there somewhere, but I doubt they're paying any attention to us, and I certainly don't think there's a conspiracy to cover up their existence. I feel fairly confident in this belief. I wish I could feel as certain about what the Wild are doing. I don't know what they're doing. I'm not sure what they're trying to do. They're making me sad. Maybe they aren't the real team, maybe these are imposters from outer space. Maybe this is a mass hallucination. Maybe we've stumbled into an alternate timeline. Maybe this is a collective nightmare we've been stuck in. Or maybe they just sort of suck.

I want to believe in this team. I want to believe that they're going to win more, and play good hockey, and make good choices. I really, really, really, want to believe. It's just hard sometimes.

They play Arizona tonight. For the Coyotes persepctive check out Five For Howling.

Wild News

All-Star break is a positive bookmark for Wild - Historically, this is true.

Wild say they won't look past Coyotes to all-star break - Thinking short term sounds reasonable.

Cute puppies unofficially open Minnesota Beargrease week - This isn't actually about the Wild, but I wanted to share something that wasn't sad.

Off the Trail

NWHL All-Star Game Recap: Team Pfalzer steamrolls Team Knight | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports Super cool. I enjoyed seeing stuff from this on my timeline all weekend.

Flames' Giordano: Women could 'absolutely' coach in NHL | Very true.

Bobby Ryan's game-winner scores family a puppy | This is great. We are all about puppies today.

NHL concerned about offside coach’s challenges? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports If you wanted to be concerned about something different for a change.