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Wild give game away with a shorthanded goal, because of course they do

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The goalie who makes the fewest boneheaded-moves wins. Apparently.
The goalie who makes the fewest boneheaded-moves wins. Apparently.
Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

This game was about as "Wild" as you can get, in terms of "what we (should) have come to expect form the team"

The first period was all Wild. The Coyotes only got 4 shots on goal, and none of them were particularly dangerous. The Wild had 13, and a power play. Which they (of course) didn't score on.

The second period was more of the same. Wild had all the chances, and it took Arizona over half the period to get a shot on goal. At the end of the period, the Wild were outshooting the Coyotes 24-6 (yes, the Yotes only got 2 SOG despite having a power play).

The third period featured scoring! A rarity in these parts. At 10:20, Charlie Coyle jumped over a diving defender to backhand a shot 5-hole through Vezina Candidate apparent newcomer Louie Domingue.

Wild fans (those who haven't been Minnesota fans long enough, or think we're allowed to have nice things, thought the game was over. They thought this because, with roughly 1:30 left in the game Arizona took a penalty. Apparently half the Wild thought the game was over too, because Devan Dubnyk (who had been having a perfectly acceptable game) decided to do this.

From there, you know the script. The Wild couldn't score on the PP, which continued into OT. Before the next whistle, Coyle took a penalty. The Coyotes put the puck in the net, but it was waved off because a Yote shaved some hares off Dubnyk's blocker (there was clearly SOME contact, but it was far from a clear-cut penalty).

The Wild went to the shootout for the second time, and lost. Parise, Koivu, and Coyle couldn't find the net (Koivu ditched his signature move for some reason, and Coyle became offended at the goalpost and nearly knocked it off its mooring) while Anthony Duclair scored for the visitors.

The Wild deservedly lost the game after not capitalizing on PPs, taking dumb penalties, and... whatever Dubnyk was doing.

The Wild have a week off, but they aren't allowed to practice for most of it, so we get to sit and ruminate on this game for the next several days. Yay.