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Wilderness Walk: Evolving Feelings Edition

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Today we transform yesterdays outrage and panic into snark and sarcasm as we desperately search to find positivity at this juncture.

Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo/Getty Images

Yesterday, we delved deep into the bottomless pit of negativity surrounding the Wild following their month-long dizzy spell and heartbreaking loss to begin the all star break.  Today, we turn the page and try to find a little levity where there has only been gloom.  Perhaps its just a progressing stage of grief, perhaps it is a survival mechanism, but today we dedicate to all things snark, and invite you to join in the comments.

I'll start here:

Wipe those looks off your faces.  I'm super impressed that you can use emoji's to describe what you need to be doing, but you barely deserve to be going on that tropical vacation.  Try not to rub it in anymore that you are rewarded for a bad month of hockey with a week in paradise.  #EndRant #Snark #GetRecharged

I'd also like to share some fancy stats, translated to the modern vernacular.  The Wild have been stuck in this spot with Scoring Chances For %, which is incredibly sad when you consider that they improved from mediocre defense to elite defense over the last 2 months.  They have got to move this number if they want to make playoffs, or we'll all be making Christian Ponder jokes about them and the post season (No, that was not a grammatical error).

We turn to today's Walk with another ditty by Kari Wahlen on a player that we used to know.

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