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Iowa Wild goaltender Stephen Michalek in a rare goalie fight

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Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Things got a little testy in the middle of the second period during the Iowa Wild game versus the Charlotte Checkers.

The Wild ended up winning the game 5-1. It was the AHL debut for goaltender Stephen Michalek as he helped his team to victory. The game was considered one of the most memorable games in Iowa Wild history. Forward Zack Mitchell led the way for Iowa in front of 6,158 screaming home fans in Des Moines by scoring two goals. Marc Hagel, Michael Keranen (Sprout), and Maxim Fortunus each potted goals as well.

Fighting has been dwindling as more teams concentrate on skill and the competition during the game to warrant an enforcer or take part in funny business. Even more rare are goalie fights. It doesn't make sense because the smack talk is tough to dish out from 200 feet away, but it doesn't mean they aren't still interesting to watch.