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Wildreness Walk: Mad Skillz Edition

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Hey now you're...

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

It's the All-Star Weekend, which is a really great time to not pay attention to hockey. Instead of watching the skills competition last night I watched six episodes of Hemlock Grove in a row, which is an actively terrible show. The actual game, or well, tournament is this afternoon. Maybe it will be cool? Who knows. Anything is possible.

Today: weird music. Great weird music.

Wild News

There is no Wild News. I woke up yesterday and there was a tweet hinting that the Wild might trade Brodin or Scandella + Coyle for Loui Eriksson, and it took me several minutes of staring at my phone to wake up enough to realize how much bs that is. But no, there isn't any Wild news. Enjoy it while you can.

Off the Trail

Women's Hockey Notebook: Controversial coaching hires; NHL donates to Laing; Playoff dates | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports This is the only link with actual news. Go read about the Whale's coaching chaos, it's important and interesting.

VIDEO: Ekblad wears Spacey in Space sweater at All-Star Skills Competition | What a beautiful beardy child.

We watched NHL All-Star Friday Night because you didn’t | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports Seriously, why would anyone watch this? Watching paint dry sounds less painful.

Bettman says expansion unclear, John Scott controversy is ‘closed issue’ | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports Sure Gary. Say whatever you want.

Brent Burns, P.K. Subban win unofficial All-Star fashion show (Photos) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports These two are last night's heros.

P.K. Subban helps bring the personality to NHL Skills Competition | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports He's so magical. If only everyone was this interesting. Or literally anyone else.

Brent Burns on his Wookie sensation, son’s camera clowning | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports ROAR

Dylan Larkin recovers from near wipeout to set fastest skater record (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports Pretty neat.