The Wild's season, in PDO

PDO is pretty simple. Shooting percentage plus your goalie's save percentage. This can be calculated on a per night basis or as a running total. I did both. The league average for PDO is 1.00 or 100 percent. It is also used to put a number on "luck." A team with a PDO greater than 1 is probably getting better shooting and/or better goaltending than is sustainable over the long term. PDO less than 1 means the opposite. You get the picture, so let's look at some graphs. 20161129 pdo

This is a per game PDO measure which looks pretty sporadic and random; because it is. A look at the running total throughout the whole season paints a better picture: 20161129 rpdo

As you can see the Wild started cold and then thanks to Devan "Carey Price" Dubynk, the PDO skyrocketed and has steadily been regressing towards the mean of 1. This helps to explain how the Wild exploded against Pittsburgh and how they fell apart against Vancouver. After saving only 30 of 35 shots, Kuemper fell victim to a sharp regression to the mean.

One last chart just because I was curious:20161129 curve

This is the frequency distribution for Wild player game scores so far this season. If you're not familiar with Game Score take a look at my previous posts. It makes a nice curve though so I couldn't resist.

Excel graphs are hideous. I'm trying to better, trust me.

That's all I have for now. I generally post my game score articles on Sundays so watch out for those.

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