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Wilderness Walk: John Scott Edition

He is all of the news.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Did you watch the All-Star Game? Wasn't John Scott great? Isn't the NHL a terrible place? Yeah. There isn't a lot more to say.

Wild News

Dubnyk comes full circle with All-Star selection - Awwww. I'm happy for him.

NHL Insider: Another strong finish is uncertain for the Wild - I didn't read this because the headline was sad.

Tom Powers: Wild’s ‘process’ creating defense-first Yeobots – Twin Cities This was beautiful. There was a song. "Yeobots." An absolute must read of sadness laughs.

Let's end with something not sad.

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Off the Trail

John Scott destroys Jeremy Roenick on NBC interview (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports John Scott.

Richfield: Where hockey died for lack of interest - I have a lot of issues with article. It brings up that the high cost of hockey has caused lower enrollment, and says this is bad because programs are dying. Sure, that's a bummer for these suburbs, but maybe there should be some effort into making hockey more accessible to more people? Maybe efforts should be made that more young people have a chance to play hockey, even if their families don't have money.

NHL not worried about World Cup no-shows: players or fans | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports I'm not convinced the NHL worries about anything, they just do shit and hope it turns out.

Hockey team forced to change Garfield jerseys during game | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports Oh minor leagues.

P.K. Subban ups sartorial ante, dons purple suit to All-Star Game | He's so beautiful.

Report: Gary Bettman signed new contract through 2022 | Cool, it would take a while to get used to a new super villain/punching bag.