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Wilderness Walk: New Coach Game Day Edition

I decided to make the photo Andrew Wiggins in his shiny jacket cause this is the most joyful thing to happen in all Minnesota Sports this weekend.

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Well. Tonight could be interesting. The Wild play the Canucks later, and we'll get our first clue as to what the Torchetti coached team looks like. I don't exactly have high expectations, but at least something will be different.

Check out what's up with Vancouver here.

Have some nice chill music to start the week off right.

Wild News

Five reasons fading Wild are out of a playoff position I'm not used to the national media writing about this team.

As Wild imploded, Mike Yeo couldn’t escape this firing | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports It's actually confusing.

Can John Torchetti freshen Yeo’s stale message, save Wild's season? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports So many outside opinions.

By the numbers: What went wrong with the Wild under Mike Yeo? | Do we want to trust any of these outsiders?

3 long-term candidates who could coach the Wild | Isn't this getting ahead of ourselves?

And to see what the locals have to say; so many things. So many terrible, terrible things...

Chuck Fletcher, Wild players complimentary of former coach Mike Yeo – Twin Cities

Minnesota Wild tout credentials of interim coach John Torchetti – Twin Cities

With Yeo ousted, pressure is on Wild GM Chuck Fletcher – Twin Cities

Brian Murphy: Yeo’s firing puts Fletcher on doomsday clock – Twin Cities

Torchetti takes Wild reins, promising accountability -

Scoggins: Wild GM Fletcher and his hand-picked roster should be feeling the heat now -

Wild's mess rests with GM Fletcher -

Off the Trail

Jeremy Roenick rides Dylan Larkin like a horse on NBC (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports I'm not watching this, but it's something that exists, unfortunately.

Denna Laing makes first public appearance on 'Denna Day' in Boston | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

John Scott showered with 'MVP' chants in AHL return | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports I wanted to end with something positive.