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Chet gets a few freebies, but the Blackhawks are his real test

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

John "Chet" Torchetti is 1-0 as a member of the Wild. Even better, the Wild played noticeably better against the Vancouver Canucks than they had in a good long while. Tonight, the Wild take on the Calgary Flames, and tomorrow they square off against the Edmonton First Round Picks Oilers.

These are teams the Wild should, by all accounts, be beating. They make up three of the worst four teams in the league, as well as being the worst three in a ridiculously weak Pacific Conference (on a side note, their membership in the Pacific is likely the only reason they are as close to the Wild in the overall standings as they are).

So, while it's great to see the Wild play well and win a game again (I'd almost forgotten what that feels like), Sunday's Stadium Series Outdoor Adventure against the Chicago Blackhawks will be our first chance to really see what Chet's Wild look like.

That is, of course, assuming the ice is in reasonably skate-able condition, despite the predicted 42 degree weather.

On the one hand, the Hawks will give Chet and his Wild their first real test, their first competition against a good hockey team. On the other hand, drawing conclusions from just one match would be ridiculous (not that that will stop us!)

The Wild need to play well, and they need to start winning games. The Stadium Series, aside from being perhaps the biggest, most exciting thing ever to happen in Minnesota, gives us a chance to see a rejuvenated Wild at home for the first time. We should not, however, hang the rest of our season on the outcome of one game.