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Lauri Marjamäki, one of the best coaches in Europe

There was an earlier post about possibilities to replace Mike Yeo as head coach consisting of normal American and Canadian options, but I've done some research of European options. They may be more suited for assistant coaches than head coaches but I think they could fill Yeo's shoes fairly well too.

Kari Jalonen

Achievements so far: 4 Finnish league championships (2005, 2007, 2008, 2011), awarded SM-liiga best coach award twice (04-05, 06-07)

Current job: Head coach of the Finnish men's national team (ending this summer)

Kari Jalonen would be a fine head coach at NHL level and capable of doing a good job. He has history working with Mikael Granlund of current Wild players and promising enough he had over 2 seasons 82GP 21G 55A 76P. Has worked in the KHL and led his team to the finals (12-13). Rumored to be the next head coach of SC Bern, starting next season. Would be available over summer if contact was made now before anything is signed. Will coach Finland in the world championships this spring if you want a look at his style. Has history as a player in multiple leagues.

Hans Wallson

Achievements so far: 2 time SHL champion (12-13, 13-14), 14-15 SHL best coach award.

Current job: Head coach of Skellefteå AIK (SHL), some sources said that Skellefteå has 3 head coaches that work together but official website names his head coach.

Wallson has been able to maintain success in Skellefteå constantly. 2 championships and went to the finals in 14-15 too. Such success doesn't happen just by player material in a league as good as the SHL is. Also made the semi-finals in the CHL (Champions hockey league) (14-15), made playoff stage in 15-16 too. Doesn't have much history working with prospects, no 1st round picks, possibly has worked with Adam Larsson in junior but not officially coached him. Has history as a player.

Roger Rönnberg

Achievements so far: CHL Silver (14-15), finals in 15-16 (yet to be played), SHL semi-finals (14-15)

Current job: Head coach of Frölunda HC in the SHL

Rönnberg has been able to keep up success in Frölunda and keep improving. Hasn't been awarded yet with championships or even an award for best coach but he is respected and well paid. Working currently with some NHL prospects but no top prospects, a 2nd rounder is in there thought. For a sample of his style you can watch the CHL finals between Frölunda and Kärpät (who's head coach will be mentioned later). Has has experience in national teams as well.

Sam Hallam

Achievements so far: SHL champion (14-15)

Current job: Head coach of Växjö Lakers

Hallam is a younger option, at the age of 36. He is quite established for a coach of his age and has served as an head coach in a men's league since 06-07 so he has experience as well. He would probably be more suited as an assistant coach but he is the kind of guy you go for if you want to think outside the box and bring someone who could provide results too. He is not currently working with prospects (no top prospects at least) but would still be worth consideration.

Jukka Jalonen

Achievements so far: World championship (2011), WJC Gold (2016), Finnish League championship, 4 Finnish league bronze medals, WC Bronze, Olympic bronze medal

Current Job: Finland U20 head coach

Jukka Jalonen has a long history of success as a coach in KHL, SM-liiga, and national teams. He coached team Finland for 6 seasons and currently the U20 team. He is going to return to coach in the KHL but the NHL likely would be a dream job for him so I don't see that contract as a huge blockage. He is has experience and can definitely work with young players and veterans. Has history as a player.

Lauri Marjamäki

Achievements so far: as head coach 2 Finnish league championships, (13-14, 14-15) SM-liiga best coach award (2014-15), A-junior SM-liiga bronze (2006)

as an assistant coach: 2 Finnish league silvers (08, 11), Olympic bronze 2014, WC silver 2014, CHL finals in 15-16

Current job: Head coach of Kärpät (SM-liiga)

I decided to save in my opinion the best option for last. Marjamäki at 38 is a young coach with no player history (more than short junior career) and he is already one of the most respected coaches in Finland and one with a great record too. Two championships in a row and took only a year to turn a team around completely. He is something that is near perfect for the Wild's need as he is completely willing to scratch a veteran for a young player even if just to bring energy to the lineup. As an example of that is game 7 of last years final series where he scratched a fairly big name veteran for an unknown 20-year old who had gone undrafted for a few years. In the end during the 2nd overtime period Sebastian Aho, 17-years old at that time, scored the winning goal and the young player who had just been brought in for a veteran got an assist. So in the end two players he brought in during the playoffs to replace veterans were on the ice for the winning goal and both were credited a point from it. He is also for the needs of the Wild capable of running a good powerplay and he was responsible for that at Olympic level for team Finland. He is going to take over Kari Jalonen's position as Finland's head coach but will probably be available for the NHL in two years or possibly after one year only. He is a long-term optiona dn could use some AHL or assistant coach experience before taking on the position of head coach.

Now that was the few that come to mind but others include Pår Marts, Rikard Grönborg, Erkka Westerlund, Per Hänberg and KHL options like Sergei Zubov, Vyacheslav Bykov.

Forgive me if there is some bad English there, it is not my 1st language

If someone wants to find out more of these guys I'll gladly help out

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