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Wilderness Walk: Fun Game Day Edition!!!!!!

Back at it already!!!!!!!

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Wild won yesterday, and it was mostly good, at least by the new very low standards I'm using to judge this team. I didn't want to cry once! Tonight they play the Blackhawks in Chicago, and have another shot at breaking my heart. Let's see what happens! This is fun! I'm having fun! If I use enough exclamation marks you'll have to believe me!!!!!!!!! Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wild News

After win, Dubnyk imparts a little goalie philosophy - Goalies are weird.

Souhan: Two goals in 23 games - what is wrong with Zach Parise? - If Parise is healthy I will eat my hat.

NHL insider: Expansion means Wild would lose one or two good players - This was less of a bummer than I thought it would be.

Wild gets relief at home, and important 2 points - Yes, good job not being pure sadness. Congratulations. I'm so proud.

Off the Trail

With MacKinnon hurt, Avalanche recall Rantanen | eyes emoji

VIDEO: Record number of Panthers fans greet Kevin Spacey with ovation | This is fun and cool.

Penguins, Flyers, Islanders and Eastern Conference chaos | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports What's your favorite melody to sing "I don't care about the East" to?

Kings become 1st Western Conference team to clinch playoff berth |