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Wilderness Walk: Two Win Weekend What? Edition

This happened, and it was weird.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

That was pretty nice. Definitely better than I expected. I was taking the bus home from work yesterday, thinking about the game ahead, and my main conclusion was that the Wild mostly suck, and that I'd be better off just accepting this. If I took this to be true the rest of the world made more sense, and everything settled nicely. I could stop worrying, and stop caring as much. Sure they had just won the afternoon before, but only barely, not impressively. A shootout win against the Hurricanes did not preclude them from mostly sucking. It actually explained a lot of things. I felt free.

Then they went on to win a very entertaining game against that team in Chicago. Which was delightful and unexpected. And sure, a regulation win would have been preferable. Obviously they could have been better, and my parents are both very concerned about Zach Parise. But this was so much better than I expected. I guess the lesson is that if you lower your expectations life's a lot more fun. How's that for some Monday morning wisdom? Have a great week folks.

Wild News

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