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Wilderness Walk: Nihilism Edition

take it or leave it each time

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Wow I really don't want to write about the Wild right now, but okay, let's give this a try. Lately I've been thinking about first wave New York City punk. I just finished reading Richard Hell's memoir, I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp, and started reading Patti Smith's M Train. There's a really great oral history of this scene, Please Kill Me, that I read when I was seventh grade, and it was really formative to my whole world view. It made me want my rock stars to be frustrated poets. There's a quote of Richard Hell getting interviewed by Punk Magazine where he's talking about Nietzsche, and I'm too lazy to find the book of my shelf right now, but to paraphrase, he's talking about how Nietzsche says that anytime you laugh it's because there's a real human emotion inside you that's died. That anytime you're laughing it's because there's an emotion you can't feel anymore so you're just laughing instead to fill the emptiness. Or at least that's how Richard Hell explained it. I've never read Nietzsche.

Last night's Wild game was hilarious.

I'm saying this to be flippant, obviously this is all a joke, but also, it was hilarious, and sort of painful. They were bad, which I expected but unfun. And then they managed to be not so bad for a while, enough for a spark of hope that I knew was just going to wind up hurting more. What other response is there except to find this hysterical?

I mean, there are other options, but I have a cold, I don't have a lot of energy for anything. I don't drink. Crying seems a bit overdramatic. You might as well laugh. Nihilism gets a bad rap.

Wild News

Souhan: There's no need for Wild to wear down Dubnyk - I don't disagree with this, BUT I do feel dirty about that, so it's okay, the world still makes sense.

Dubnyk pulled early as Wild falls to Blues -

Torchetti trying to fix Wild's ailing penalty kill - Putting Parise on the PK is interesting.

Wild report: John Torchetti gives glimpse into strategy It was a good strategy? A strategy to be good?

Minnesota Wild end streak with loss to St. Louis Blues

Off the Trail

Tanguay into the Coyotes' record books after only 1 game | This was still a weird trade.

Forsberg, Predators setting franchise records during current run | Gross.

Heritage Classic 2016: Winnipeg Jets vs. Connor McDavid's Oilers | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports Having an outdoor game in October is cool, and I like it.

Minnesota All-Hockey Hair Team 2016 gives us top-notch salad (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports You have probably already seen this but it's good watch it again and think about how teenage boys make the world's worst choices.

NWHL playoff recap: Beauts force Game 3, Pride sweep Riveters (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

NWHL Playoff Recap: Beauts upset Whale, advance to Isobel Cup (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports Two days worth of recaps! Very exciting!