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Wilderness Walk: Finale Edition

It's over. Fun.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The regular season is done now, and next week we're gearing up for a whole new sort of pain as the Wild face the Dallas Stars in the first round of the playoffs. I personally cannot wait, because the sooner it starts the sooner it will be over. Then it will be summer, and I can just think about the Lynx, and be happy.

I kept on trying to think of something else to say but every idea was mean or bad or tiring. So let's leave it like this. The regular season is over, and the world is going to keep going, and the playoffs are going to start, and the future is different than the past, and anything is possible, and I'm going to have to mute a thousand Stars fans on twitter as I struggle to remember that I signed myself up whatever sort of pain comes next. But something is going to come next. It isn't a real end, just a change, and it could be for the better, or at least it could be interesting. Here's to hope.

Wild New

Really? You really want news about the Wild, other than what you saw on the front page, after what I just said? I'm not judging, but the word for this is masochism.

Long, strange trip still lands Wild in the playoffs - This has happened.

Wild try to tune up power play with postseason looming – Twin Cities Based off game 82 this did not work.

Wild lose to Niklas Backstrom in finale, will face Dallas Stars in playoffs – Twin Cities Backstrom was really good, and it was weird, but I was happy for him.

Brian Murphy: Minnesota might be wildest card in NHL playoffs – Twin Cities WILDEST CARD. GOD. STOP.

Off the Trail

NHL insider: Handing out the season-long awards - I disagree with all of this except Lady Byng and maybe Vezina.

Bruins collapse with playoffs on line, lose to Senators | Sens fans on twitter were so great yesterday afternoon.

Panarin hits 30-goal mark, virtually assures big bonus | I love the Hawks cap situation.

Maple Leafs finish last, have best draft lottery odds | May the odds be ever in their favor, or at least not Edmonton please.

Ovechkin hits 50-goal mark with hat trick vs. Blues | Awesome, but could the Blues have won please?

Holtby wins No. 48, ties Brodeur's record in 12 fewer games | Was this really necessary?

Predators congratulate Vesey for winning Hobey Baker Award | Cold.

NCAA Frozen Four: North Dakota wins 8th title, thanks to CBS Line | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

Las Vegas NHL team name may not be decided by fan vote | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports That is a good plan, never let people on the internet name things.

Philadelphia Flyers clinch final wild card, end Bruins’ season | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports