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HWPodcast 061: Wild at Dallas Game 1 Recap, or, Losing with Class(licity)

We break down Game 1 until it gets too sad.

There've been better games for Minnesota.
There've been better games for Minnesota.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a guest representing another team, so we made sure to go out and get the best! Carolyn Wilke is one of the sharpest analytic minds out there, and she’s a must-follow on Twitter (@Classlicity) and on Today’s Slapshot.

We break down Game 1 between the Wild and Stars for a bit before Tony got really sad and moved the conversation to talking about the Dallas Stars’ playoff chances as a whole.

Some topics we discussed are:

  • Dallas taking a page out of Minnesota’s playbook in Game 1
  • Does the Wild have a prayer of beating the Stars?
  • Should Lindy Ruff keep Tyler Seguin out of the lineup to heal until Minnesota proves they can keep up with them?
  • Why aren’t we considering Dallas, and not teams that tanked to win Cups like Chicago, the league’s model franchise?
  • How the confusing Kris Russell trade helped the Stars
  • Dallas’ path to a Stanley Cup Championship- Can they pull it off?
  • What GM Carolyn Wilke would do to fix the Minnesota Wild

And much more.

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We’ll be back soon!