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Wildnerness Walk: Game Day Edition

Good morning!

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

So I'm writing this and it's almost one. I just watched The Big Short with my folks, and should go to sleep pretty soon. My dad asked, "Did any hockey that's relevant to us happen today?" The answer is no, but it reminded me I had to write a Wilderness Walk, which was good, cause I definitely wouldn't have remembered on my own. I have very little connection to what day of the week it is right now, it's amazing.

Anyway. Things have happened. Some of them are even interesting. None of them are relevant if you have the very limited perspective of my father.

The Wild play the Jets tonight, find out what's happening in Winnepeg here. Hopefully they will have Spurgeon back for that game. If not maybe I will write a poem in his honor. Anything is possible.

Wild News

NHL insider: What does Torchetti have to do to keep his job? - I think I'd be fine with this?

Wild could clinch playoff berth with one good battle - Yeah, but they probably won't.

Sunday Q&A: Wild's Erik Haula - This was more boring than I expected, and my expectations were super low.

Minnesota Wild aren’t in the playoffs yet — but scouting is underway – Twin Cities Anyone but Dallas PLEASE.

Off the Trail

Steven Stamkos out 1 to 3 months with blood clot in arm | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports This is the actual news of the day.

Duncan Keith accepts six-game suspension from NHL | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports Not much of an apology.

Auston Matthews: 'Coyotes are the reason I started playing hockey' | It's a shame the Coyotes couldn't tank properly, this would have been too perfect.

McLellan delivers memorable presser after Oilers embarrassed once again | Instead Matthews is going to land in this disaster instead, poor child.

Fleury out indefinitely with second concussion of season | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports This is bad news for Pens fans, but it's really positive to see a player acknowledge that they're feeling bad and get help instead of keep playing.