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Wilderness Walk: Brace Yourself Edition

I chose this picture exclusively because he's attractive and I need a reminder that the Wild are more than just pain.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Well. That game happened. I'm very tired and don't have the motivation to be positive or entertaining or flippant. I still think they're going to make the playoffs because all that takes is being better than the Avalanche, and the Avs are legitimately terrible, but the Wild are still pretty bad. I keeps saying I've come to terms with this but then they keep doing stuff that causes me pain. What an exciting way to start a week. It'll all be settled by Friday. Brace yourself.

Wild News

Wild routed by Jets for third loss in a row - Sadness.

Minnesota Wild fall to Winnipeg, lose playoff clincher Woe.

Off the Trail

Missing playoffs doesn't sit well with Jets' Wheeler - #oneofus but I don't care.

Defending the Duncan Keith suspension | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports No.

NHL All-Star Game MVP John Scott recalled by Canadiens | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports That's sweet.

Patrick Roy rips Duchene for emphatic 30th-goal celebration | Actual Super Vilain Patrick Roy.

Jake Allen suffers another injury vs. Avalanche | Hmmmmmmm.