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Wilderness Walk: Sour Grapes Edition

There is some angst out there from the players to the fans and the fans to the players. What else can you expect when you sprint backwards into the playoffs?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

This pretty much summed up the separate narratives going on from the Wild locker room and the collective media and fan base after the Wild learned that Colorado had gifted them the second wild card spot.  It left the fanbase feeling like the team resembled this all-too-familiar scene:

This is fine

The coach stuck up for his team in an attempt to deflect some of the tough questions and angst being thrust upon them at a time when they should be celebrating.  Several leaders on the team made statements about how we (fans and media) should be celebrating.  Let's remember that they had just been booed off the ice - and this came at the end of yet another epic push to close out the season.  The Wild pushed hard to get into playoff position after being out of the picture and played fantastic hockey which resulted in a crescendo of play toward the latest game against Chicago, which put them 5 points up on the Avalanche.  The players and leaders who made questionable statements also acknowledged exactly what we've all been talking about over this losing streak, but didn't want to dwell in the wake of the happy news.  The players need to have confidence in order to play and win their games.  They need to know that their fans are behind them in order to maintain and grow that confidence.  So, it is understandable why they may have been put off with the tenor of the conversation surrounding their team

That being said, everyone involved knows what's at stake and has a pretty clear picture of where things lay.  Who knows, it could even end up firing the team up so they can avoid a sweep, we'll likely never know.  And though many are setting themselves to temper their expectations, there is still hockey to be played, which is better than hockey fans are feeling in Denver right now.

Kari Wahlen has done it again, and just nails how most of us are feeling.  We walk.

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