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Wilderness Walk: Creeping Crawling Monday Edition

David McNew/Getty Images

Let's start the week out right and creepy. I want to take a moment and make a general request that you, person who is reading this, and therefore enjoys reading excellent things, please go read Jeff VanderMeer's Southern Reach Trilogy. I read all three books in a row, and now I need someone to talk to about it, and so far the internet is letting me down. They're going to make it into a movie! It's really really good! It's excellent creepy sci-fi/horror, and it's really beautifully written. The Hennepin County library system has it as an ebook! I'll like you more if you read it and tweet at me, please.

I thought it would be fitting to pair that pitch with a creepy song too. Panic! at the Disco were my favorite band in seventh grade, and I haven't really cared about them much since they dropped the exclaimation point, but this video is amazing.

Wild News

No news, but I have something really beautiful to share with you today. This picture from Leo Komarov's instagram, where Mikael Granlund is cutting into a cake with a picture of a goal he scored. That's already amazing, but then in the background Mikko Koivu is sitting there, and smiling like a normal human. It's truly a magical picture.

Hieno mies, onnittelut #mg64 #ilmaveivi #iso9

A photo posted by Leo Komarov (@komarovleo47) on

Off the Trail

David Backes tugs on Joe Thornton's massive beard (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports I didn't watch all of this game, but this was the best part.

FOGSQUAD: Ten Things Definitely Lost In Joe Thornton's Beard Joe Thornton's beard is incredible.

Joe Thornton loses puck in equipment after deflection (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports He's generally kind of amazing.

Blues hang on to capture early series lead over Sharks | Here is something to read if you actually care about what happened with the hockey, not the more interesting things on the edges.

Sharks, humane society find 'Jo PAW-velski' a home | Speaking of more interesting things: CAT. CAT!!!!

Hungary basks in historic win with emotional national anthem | This was kinda cool.