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Wilderness Walk: Par-tay Edition

Just when you think there's not much going on in the hockey world, we give you something to be excited about!

The Draft will be a special day for our community
The Draft will be a special day for our community
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Those desolate days of the off season where hockey still happening around you but not for your team can be hard to get through.  It's those days when next season couldn't feel farther away and a great abyss starts to open in your hockey soul.  You latch on to anything you can that will feed your addiction and keep the Wild relevant in your life.  Well, we have just the thing for you:

There couldn't be a better offseason to gather the wilderness together to discuss the future of our franchise.  So, we are making that happen because we would like to get to know you all and give everyone a chance to meet each other while we observe an exciting part of this offseason.  To sweeten the deal, we've added some entertainment and there are a couple things yet to come that we're not quite ready to announce, so stay tuned.  The biggest thing for us is giving the hockey community a chance to come together - so please spread the word - the more people we can get together, the more epic it will be for everyone.  Find us on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you can and bring your friends and family down to enjoy an evening celebrating your favorite team.  RSVP Here:

The Great Hockey Get Together in the land of 10,000 (hot) Takes

There is only one song that is appropriate for this announcement.  Away you Walk:

Wild News


Off With Their Heads

Flames fire Bob Hartley one year after he was coach of the year -
The Calgary Flames fired coach Bob Hartley on Tuesday just one year after he won the NHL's coach of the year award with the team.

NHL coaching carousel watch: Carlyle to Calgary? -
For the love of all things that are good.... YES PLEASE

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Humbled Boudreau will have long line of suitors -
NHL teams are lining up to talk to Bruce Boudreau but the former Anaheim Ducks coach isn't taking his successful track record for granted.


The Dallas Stars have the biggest flaw of any team still in the NHL playoffs -
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WATCH: Lightning beat Islanders after Boyle gets away with late hit -
Brian Boyle scored the game-winning goal for the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 3 to take a 2-1 series lead on the Islanders, but it looks like he got away with a late hit first.

NHL Recap - Dallas Stars at St. Louis Blues - May 03, 2016 -
ST. LOUIS (AP) Alexander Steen and David Backes had two goals apiece and the St. Louis Blues' defense put the clamps on the Dallas Stars in a 6-1 victory that put them up 2-1 in the second-round series Tuesday night.

Off the Trail

Why the best defencemen have to be proficient on offence |
One of the most interesting articles I've read in some time

Patrik Laine's NHL Draft Lottery interview was glorious -
Next to the Toronto Maple Leafs winning the No. 1 spot, the NHL Draft Lottery show may be best remembered for the Patrick Laine FaceTime experience: "Can you imagine Mike Babcock coaching that guy?"

Matthews vs. McDavid and 9 other reasons the worlds will be awesome -
Auston Matthews, Patrik Laine, Connor McDavid, Nail Yakupov.... The 2016 World Championships will bring us stories aplenty. Here are 10 of them.