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Wilderness Walk: Know Ya Bou! Edition

Oh, also, call your mom.

There are literally no pictures of a happy Bruce Boudreau.
There are literally no pictures of a happy Bruce Boudreau.
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

So, you already know that the Wild hired Bruce Boudreau last night. And yuo probably don't need me to tell you that it's a good thing.

But just in case you needed us to tell you: It's a good thing.

Before we get to this, we have pressing matters to deal with: Your mom.

Your mom does a lot of things. She goes to collegetakes selfies with Google Maps, pretends to care when you talk about Pokemon (just kidding, my mom doesn't do that last part)- all kinds of good and valuable things. If you still have a mom, you should make sure to give her a call, or visit her or something. I probably will. If nothing else, I'll at least send her this video.

We got that out of the way? Good. Anyway, we're covering this Bruce Boudreau hiring like a blanket here at Hockey Wilderness. Before we get you to other links, check out ours.

Before the Wild hired him, we detailed exactly why he was the best option for the job.

Here's our immediate reaction to his hiring.

We discussed how he should bring consistency to this very inconsistent team.

And lastly (for now), we took a look at what he can bring to the special teams.

All right, now let's go to the Walk.

Wild News

Bruce Boudreau Named Coach of the Minnesota Wild- Yay!

Bruce Boudreau agrees to four-year deal as Wild head coach - Whoo-hoo!

Minnesota Wild hire Bruce Boudreau as head coach – Twin Cities- Did you call your mom yet?

Bruce Boudreau chooses Minnesota Wild for next coaching gig | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- Just do it.

Hartman: Parise to avoid back surgery, have no say in coach selection - Though if Parise didn't get his first choice, he's not very smart.

On Ice Review: Wild's Power Play Showed Improvements - Minnesota Wild- The Wild's power play took a step forward, but could still manage to make improvements. If only the Wild had a coach whose team led the league in PP% last year...

Oh, wait...

On Ice Review: Diving Into The Wild's Penalty Kill - Minnesota Wild- The Wild's penalty kill, however, is very much in need of repair. If only the Wild had a coach whose team lead the league in PK% last year.

Oh, wait...

Koivu, Granlund Pace Finland To Opening Win - Minnesota Wild- Mikael Granlund notched two goals and an assist in Finland's opening game. If only MIkael could just face Belarusian goalies.

Which Minnesota Wild Defensemen Could be Traded This Offseason?- Any article that suggests trading Matt Dumba is a good idea should get pushed off a cliff.

Off the Trail

Capitals survive, force Game 6 vs. Penguins in 3-1 win | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- The Caps didn't Caps in this game.

Sharks take Game 5, one win away from conference final | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- The Sharks didn't sharks in this game, either.

Blues defense holds down Stars offense again in Game 5 win | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- And now the Blues didn't Blue themselves in this game. What bizarro world am I living in?

The Coyotes just hired a 26-year-old GM. Is it a smart move? | Sport | The Guardian- Dude's five days younger than me. I should've paid attention in school or something.

Panthers reassign Dale Tallon, shake up front office to spotlight analytics | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- No word yet if the Panthers' new GM or Assistant GM is younger than me, too.

Hart Trophy Finalists: Kane vs. Benn vs. Crosby | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- Was really hoping either Joe Thornton (4th in Points, out-scored opponents 65-27 at 5v5) or Jaromir Jagr (Led the NHL in Points/60 at the age of 44) would be finalists, but the voters suck, I guess.

Darryl Sutter Undecided About Staying With Kings - TSS- The Wild don't have to follow this saga, because they already have a good coach! Whoo-hoo!