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Wilderness Walk: 9 Days 'til Draft (Party!)

Potentially the craziest NHL draft in recent memory is just 10 days away.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

League expansion is beautiful if only for the fact that it will make the trade season incredible and carry draft day right along with it.  The buyout window opens today, so several players may find themselves looking for a new team, though many will be delayed as GMs try to complete trades prior to the draft.  The window stays open until June 30th, giving teams plenty of time following the draft and related trades to make their buyout decisions.  Things will really start to ramp up over the next few days leading up to the draft - and in case you haven't heard, we're celebrating.  We'll be there to guide you through all of the picks and trades throughout the first round and will pick up coverage on the site the next day.  Buckle up.

And now that that season is over..... Enjoy your walk.

Wild News

Decision time for the Wild on whether to keep Vanek -
Vanek scored a career-low 18 goals in 74 games last season and his 41 points were the lowest of any non-lockout season. A decision needs to be made by the end of the month.

Minnesota Wild: Bottom Three Defensmen will Need to Step Up After a Trade
No doubt.


The endurance of Mr. Hockey: How Gordie Howe defied time -
The way Gordie Howe defied time, he made us believe that some things last forever.

Gordie Howe: The Life and Legacy of Mr. Hockey -
RIP, Gordie

Gordie Howe's way with people is his greatest legacy -
Gordie Howe's impact on the game is written in the record books and enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame, but it's his way with people that lingers.

Off The Trail

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Taylor Hall Became "A Name of Interest" in Trade Talks
The Edmonton Oilers have had "interest" from other teams in acquiring star winger Taylor Hall, according to Darren Dreger.

NHL buyout window opening: 13 top candidates -
The NHL scrap heap.

Report: Ducks Expected to Hire Randy Carlyle

Thornton, Burns reflect on Sharks' most successful season -
After a two-month playoff run that changed the perception of the star players and a team that had been known for playoff letdowns, the reality of falling two wins short of the ultimate goal of winning the Stanley Cup hit the San Jose Sharks.

Let’s call games the same way all season long - Article - TSN
Yes, Please.