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Wilderness Walk: No Hockey Day Edition

While there is still hockey to be played, it won't be played tonight.

Gabby and Mollie
Gabby and Mollie
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey fans were treated to another good game in Pittsburgh last night as the season's best teams duked it out.  These days in between games where there no games being played always sneak up on me and leave me with a hollow and empty feeling, even when our team has been out of the picture for over a month.  It just seems odd that the season could truly be over, even in June.  Even when an very exciting offseason is about to truly begin, it feels like I'm waiting to hear my own echo get back to me after yelling into a cave.  But I digress.  There is plenty to get to today, so let's be on our way.

Here's one of my favorite Mike Doughty tunes to start your day off with a smile.  Walk it out.

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