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Wilderness Walk - And you thought you hated Christmas

Suddenly, it doesn't seem so bad now does it?

NHL: Stanley Cup Final-San Jose Sharks at Pittsburgh Penguins Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

The thing about the Stanley Cup final is, there is nothing else going on in hockey to really get all worked up about. Yesterday wasn't a gameday, nobody fell down any stairs or anything. So what are we supposed to talk about?

Enter the Florida Panthers!

An amazing new look that will make you appreciate those big red Christmas jerseys of ours a little more. I personally have no issue with our old reds, it's just a jersey. Florida though showed no imagination with this new sweater they're throwing out. The new logo looks like it belongs in the Premier League attached to a team with a lot more history behind them. The single stripe across the body of the jersey represents the single trip to the toilet it took the designer to come up with this effortless hack in the sand trap.

Enough on that stuff though. What else is in the news? Oh, look at that. Crosby is being accused of cheating in the faceoff circle. I guess when you've lost the opening two games in the series you need to come up with excuses that don't stand up to a gentle breeze. Guys, if you're players aren't trying to get every advantage they can in the Stanley Cup Final, maybe your players don't actually belong there.

Any player worth a damn is trying to get a step up on his opponent every single night. So what if Crosby does anything? Are the refs calling it? No? Then shut your word holes and play hockey.

Christmas in June. Have a great weekend folks!

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