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Wilderness Walk: Day Before Tuesday Edition

It's coming, get prepared.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday. Whenever I write this I feel like I should apologize for it being Monday morning. I'm sorry. Capitalism is a trap.

Here, have some nice loud punk rock music. Listening to this album made my last hour of work bearable today. Maybe it'll help you get to Tuesday. There will be another Wilderness Walk on Tuesday, you'll want to come back for that.

Wild News

A friend of mine linked me to a reddit thread about Brodin and Folin drinking in Gothenberg, but I don't want to pull the link up again. But like, that's the point of summer we're in — possible drunk baby defensemen are considered news.

Off the Trail

Dad of Canucks’ Vey found guilty in family murder conspiracy | CTV Vancouver News This is less hockey and more soap opera gossip, but an interesting read.

Braun navigates the ups and downs - #oneofus

Report: Cap could dip below $70M should players not use escalator | Yikes!

Jagr creatively previews last day in Florida before summer training | Jagr is just so much.