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Wilderness Walk: Professional GMing

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WHAT THE HELL TWINS?!?! In a surprise move, the beloved Minnesota Twins fired their long time general manager Terry Ryan yesterday. It was a surprise not in that the Twins need a new direction in the worst way and sometimes even the nicest of guys get the axe. No, it was that Owner Jim Pohlad was making the move and making it in middle of the season.

It's not the modus operandi that we've all come to know, love, and loathe about the Twins franchise. Though, I couldn't help feel that Pohlad might as well have been Ramsay Bolton and the new GM was Theon Greyjoy turned Reek with the announcement that Paul Molitor will be the manager next season. It's one thing to make the change, but to immediately announce that you're taking away a decision the new supposed decision-maker should make is odd. I like Molitor, and he certainly has the credentials to his name. Even the nicest guys can get the axe, and if the new GM wants to bring in a new manager that is going to determine his/her fate, then they should be allowed to make that decision.

Anyways, why are we talking about baseball on a hockey blog? Well, how many Wild fans out there are jealous of the Twins because Chuck Fletcher wasn't fired much to their disappointment? I was on the fence with Fletcher's job, but I'm sure there's a lot of people that were out for blood for Fletcher. Fact remains, the Wild have new direction with Bruce Boudreau now as head coach, and they didn't need to blow the entire thing up..........yet.

For music today, and since we are now heading into the dead of summer, it's your turn to make your own summer. So, I picked a song from the 'Around the Fur' album (my favorite Deftones album) of the Deftones, a song aptly named "My Own Summer." I love the riff Stephen Carpenter used in the song, and it's relatively easy to play once you get the rhythm down. Oh, and I absolutely love the way the drum set of Abe Cunningham sounds. The snare has depth and pop, and the bass drum just effing kicks. RIP CHI!

Wild News

Wild prospect has small stature, long track record | Duluth News Tribune
The kid was cut from his high school team. CUT! I'm rooting for this kid. I hope he makes it to the show and proves that clown of a high school coach wrong.

Minnesota Wild: Final Thoughts On Development Camp
GPW weighs in on some of the prospects we all saw at PDC

Minnesota Wild: 2016-17 Will Be Prosser's Last with the Wild
Prosser once disappeared from the Wild roster, and then "POOF!" he was back. Without Yeo, I can see Prosser seeing lots of time in the press box. He won't be a cap casualty as Lambert suggested, he'll be a Boudreau casualty.

40 Random Thoughts: Summer Edition - Articles - Articles - Articles - Wild Xtra
Ben rambles in a stream of thought (we think they're his thoughts) and talks about Scrimmage #2.

Off the Trail

Chronicles of Stanley: Phil Kessel takes Cup to Toronto children's hospital
An uber troll move to bring the Cup to Toronto, but it's awesome for the kids in the hospital to see it. Also, i'm super jelly of Amanda and her being able to take a swig from the Stanley Cup.

P.K. Subban 'head-over-heels excited' to join Nashville Predators
I'd be excited too to get out of the fishbowl and craziness that is the Montreal front office.

Russia replaces Voynov with Nesterov on World Cup roster
GOOD! This asshole shouldn't get to play again at the NHL or on a world stage with what he did.

New York Rangers trade Derick Brassard to Ottawa Senators for Mika Zibanejad
I really don't understand this move for Ottawa. Zibanejad has the higher upside and is five years younger than Brassard. AND YET CHUCK FLETCHER STILL CAN'T GET OUT FROM UNDER THE POMINVILLE CONTRACT!!!