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Wilderness Walk - 82

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Aaron Holm

82, guys and gals! This is a big number! 82, the number of games in an NHL season! 82, The atomic weight of lead! 82, it’s a happy number folks! 82, it’s the number of sleeps until the 2016-17 NHL season begins!

There’s honestly not a whole lot of interesting trinkets surrounding the number 82. Ummmm, *82 was the number you dialed to unblock your number if you were calling someone who blocked, eh... blocked numbers. 82! It comes after 81!

Wild News

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It's been a long road for Seeler.

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Off the Trail

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The Wild will be featured 12 times on the networks, with all 4 of their games against the Blackhawks getting picked up by NBC.

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James Oldham has been the NHL and NHLPA neutral arbitrator for over a decade, hired to preside over grievances concerning the Collective Bargaining Agreement.