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Wilderness Walk: 79 Unbearably Long Days to Go Edition

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We're stretching for news at this point in the season, but fear not! We give you an update on a prospect, a former member of the Minnesota Wild coaching staff and news from around the league in general.

Chris Sale isn't too high on his team's third jerseys, apparently.
Chris Sale isn't too high on his team's third jerseys, apparently.
Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Great to be back in the great old State of Hockey, even if it is just digitally.

Intriguing news out of Sioux Falls and Chicago today as 2015 4th round pick Ales Stezka looks for a fresh start. Having watched him extensively as a fan and office USHL official last season, it was clear he was frustrated with both the lack of starts and the adjustment to North American ice. Even though the cage was his for the taking with 2015 Clark Cup winning goalie Stefanos Lekkas headed to Vermont, a clean slate may be just the ticket for the sizeable Czech. We'll have more on him below.

I always find it refreshing to listen to highly skilled guitarists battle and flow together in perfect sync. Enjoy a little Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Yngwei Malmsteen!

Wild News

Steel Acquire Goalie Ales Stezka From Sioux Falls |

Sydor, Tkaczuk Join Wolves Coaching Staff | From the A, to the N and back, coaching pro hockey is still coaching pro hockey. All the best to Sydor.

Minnesota Wild Still Looking to Acquire Ryan Nugent-Hopkins | Bye bye, Matt Dumba and Jason Zucker, hello RNH and...Benoit Pouliot??

Off The Trail

Will Edmonton's growing defense be enough for a playoff spot? | It will be if they add Dumba.

Five NHL jerseys players should have refused to wear | So it's a slow news day...