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Wilderness Walk - 75

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NHL: Preseason-Minnesota Wild at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning campers! We've got the coffee on and brewing extra strong today. As I'd expect, a lot of you are likely in recovery mode today after partying late into the night upon learning the news that the Minnesota Wild had agreed to terms RFA Matt Dumba.

The deal is reportedly for 2 years and a pinch over 5 million galactic credits. A nice little bridge to hopefully give Dumba's development a chance to blossom. With that, the Wild are essentially done for the offseason. Perhaps a couple smaller deals get struck, *cough-cough Matt Cullen-cough* or maybe one of those heavy hitter trade rumors pans out. Who knows! It's nearly August any anything can happen!

I bet you're wondering about the title, huh? (not really) Well you see, the number 75, besides being the number Fox NFL Analyst Howie Long wore in his gridiron days, has many fun (citation needed) and unique properties!

75 is the upper age limit for Canadian Senators. That's right, they have an age limit. Who knew such a thing was possible! 75 is also the atomic number for rhenium. Rhenium (symbol: Re) is a silvery-white heavy metal and is one of the rarest metals in Earths crust. It is also the last stable element to be discovered, way back in 1925.

Rhenium! It's a thing!

75, big picture though, it's the number of days until the Wild start their 2016-17 NHL season. No big deal, but we'll probably talk about it once or twice around here.

With great hair comes great responsibility.

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