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HW Podcast 072: Staal-ing and Stew-ing

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It was a busy holiday weekend for the Minnesota Wild, who were active in free agency.

Chris Stewart returns to the State of Hockey. We discussed this and more!
Chris Stewart returns to the State of Hockey. We discussed this and more!
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

It was a big week for the Minnesota Wild, so the Hockey Wilderness Podcast responded with an appropriately big podcast discussing all of the big news that hit during free agent weekend.

Barry, Joe, and Tony sat down to discuss:

  • Jason Zucker re-signing with the Wild. Was $2M/year too much for him?
  • How will Zucker’s deal inform the Wild’s negotiations with Matt Dumba?
  • Whether the Wild signing Alex Stalock actually matters
  • Why signing Eric Staal for 3 years, $10.5M was the best move the Wild could’ve made this weekend
  • Trying to find fault in the Chris Stewart contract (we can’t)
  • Why aren’t the Wild signing Matt Cullen?
  • No, I mean, like, seriously. Just sign that guy already.
  • Have the Wild improved their position in the Central Division? We look at how the balance of power shifted
  • Will P.K. Subban make that much of a difference in Nashville?
  • Can a Nino Niederreiter extension be on the horizon?

and much, much more!

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That’s all for this week! We’ll see you soon!