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Wilderness Walk: Prospect Development Camp

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The Wild have FINALLY announced their Prospect Development Camp Schedule, featuring 2 scrimmages that are open to the public

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The details have finally emerged for Prospect Development Camp, with very little notice.  But it's an exciting look into the future of the Wild organization.  The details are all below.  We hope to see many of you there!  You'll get a chance to see guys like Alex Tuch, Joel Eriksson-Ek, Sam Anas, Mario Lucia, Adam Gilmour, Louie Belpidio and scores more exciting young players in a very fun atmosphere.  And it's FREE!

Wild News

Wild announces 2 development camp scrimmages open to public -
During the July 12-17 development camp, the Wild will hold two scrimmages that are free and open to the public at Xcel Energy Center.

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Updated to reflect Keumper and Palmquist contracts

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