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Wilderness Walk - Pulled Goalie Edition

NHL: Minnesota Wild at Colorado Avalanche
Wah not Roy, waiving bye the Avs fans
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It's an exciting day in the State of Hockey. Not only is it Friday, but the Minnesota Vikings have their first preseason game tonight as well! Football is back, which means one thing folks. Hockey is right around the corner. I actually had the privilege of attending US Bank Family Day at the new tax-payer funded billionaire playground last Sunday. Say what you will about how that building was funded, but it is immaculate folks. Great sight-lines, wide concourses, and a lot of stairs. There's honestly not a bad seat in the house, except for maybe the pretty people seats at field level in the Delta 360 Skybox. Not sure you're going to be able to see much action if you have to look through the Vikings bench just to see the field.

In other news, in a move nobody seemed to expect but himself, Patrick Roy up and quit the Avalanche yesterday. He cited his reasons, but we all know what really happened don't we? He read yesterdays Avalanche articles here at Hockey Wilderness and decided enough was enough. I really didn't think we were too hard on the team, but he is a goalie, and can become a bit unhinged at times.

Anybody happen to catch Michael Phelps just dismantle the field in the 200 individual medley last night? Holy smokes! (because Phelps is a pot head, right?) It wasn't even fair! We now live in a world where the most successful Olympian ever is Phelps of Baltimore, and not Leonidis of Rhodes. The guy is just not human.

So, in honor of broken records, the football offseason coming to a close, and of course Wah not Roy's departure from Colorado...

In case you need to wash that stink off.

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