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Wilderness Walk: With a Capital S


The olympics are on. There’s a little bit of news. Not much, but some.

In the meantime, jam out with the funky doctor.

Wild News

Puck Daddy Summer Series: Weird Minnesota Wild | Puck Daddy
No. 1 is a gimme.

Inside Look At The Minnesota Wild | Minnesota Wild - Blogs
The Minnesota Wild needed to do two important things during the offseason: Find a new coach and improve its depth at center.

Sam Anas Ready to Prove Himself With Minnesota Wild | The Hockey Writers
While the signing of Eric Staal and Chris Stewart were headlining events for the Minnesota Wild in free agency, the offseason has been significantly more interesting than that. It may actually prove to be an important summer for the future of the organization with many draft picks and free agent prospects entering the system, revitalizing a prospect pool that, within the pro ranks, was woefully thin.

Minnesota Wild: Are the Wild Looking to Sign Vermette? | Gone Puck Wild
Yeah, signing aging centers worked out well last year, right?

Tending the Fields

Former St Cloud State Goalie Rasmus Reijola Transfers to Alaska-Anchorage | The Hockey Writers
Because of an NCAA exception, the fifth-year senior will not have to sit out the 2016-17 season and is eligible to play immediately because he’s already graduated from SCSU.

Off the Trail

U.S. Senator urges Bettman to change stance on CTE in letter |
"The league's position is entangled in conflicting, mixed messages. The NHL insists that player safely is sacrosanct - a 'top priority' for the league - and recognizes the many dangers of concussions and head impacts. Your letter notes concussions can cause 'long-term lasting effects' like 'permanent brain injury' and 'permanent brain damage.' But the league appears unwilling to consider even the possibility that concussions cause CTE."

Anaheim Ducks sign Antoine Vermette to two-year, $3.5M contract | Puck Daddy
Oh thank goodness.