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Wilderness Walk: Frank Ocean Edition

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Sure, we could talk about sports, but that would be overlooking the real news of the weekend — Frank Ocean finally put out a new album. It's called Blonde, and it is very beautiful. It makes me feel things in my cold gay heart.

You should be listening to the new Frank Ocean album, but that is not the song of the day, because anything I linked would probably be off youtube by morning.

Wild News

Wild Must Bolster Forward Depth Before Regular Season Probably a good plan.

Off the Trail

6 top candidates for World Cup's vacant captaincies | I cannot wait for the hot takes when Koivu gets the C for Finland and Parise does not get it for America. So many men being wrong on the internet, it keeps me alive.

Parros, Zucker excited about NHL in Vegas | Look, our guy said words to the press that are being reported. That's like, almost interesting or something.