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Wilderness Walk: Why Are You Thinking About Hockey Edition?


Why are you thinking about hockey? It's the middle of August, the Olympics are in full swing, there are so many other sports to pay attention to. Hockey will be there in the fall, now is the time to get caught up in sports you forget exist for four years. How about those bike road races, weren't those dramatic conclusions? I know nothing about bicycle road racing, and I didn't care in the slightest until I turned on the television St afternoon, but it was incredibly compelling.

Stop thinking about hockey. Step away from the very Minnesotan monomania of the sport. Watch gymnastics and swimming and fencing and beach volley ball. Enjoy that the world is abundant with strange competitions that people dedicate their lives to. Watch race walking and archery. Pretend you have opinions about how synchronized the Chinese divers are. Give up cynicism and let yourself fall for NBC's narratives. Don't think about hockey.

I have been listening to Pinegrove's new album nonstop for the past couple weeks, it's great.

Wild News

Mikael Granlund on Roller Blades This is the most amazing thing I've seen all summer??? I'm charmed????

Off the Trail

Stars' Oleksiak left speechless after sister's silver-medal win at Rio | I knew her name was familiar!

Watch: Ovechkin moonwalks on roller blades | He's so cool.

KHL coaches scuffle during preseason game (Video) Would there be a more entertaining job than writing about the KHL?