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Wilderness Walk: The Pre-pre-pre-season is over

The last of the pre-tournament World Cup of Hockey games were completed last night. The preliminary round robin games begin on Saturday. Then we have the NHL preseason starting on September 25. Finally, at long last, the regular season begins October 12, nearly a full month from now. Crap.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

It's going to be a slow couple of days without any World Cup games until Saturday. Hope everyone is enjoying the not-quite-NHL-hockey-but-still-hockey. It's like a good cover of NHL hockey. In that spirit, here's a good cover of Kavinsky's "Nightcall".

Wild News

Minnesota Wild: Porter Could Have Had a Place on the Wild
"Could have" and "should have" are not the same thing, but best of luck to Chris Porter.

Mailbag: Non-country Teams in World Cup, UFAs Left -

Dan Rosen discusses Eric Staal's possible production among other questions in this week's Mail Bag.

Tending the Fields

University of Wisconsin Badgers Men's Hockey Team Captains Announced -

Luke Kunin, aka #NotKiefferBellows, has been named captain of Badgers hockey team (thanks NoCoast for catching the announcement).


Lundqvist chased as Europe hammers Sweden - Article - TSN

Leon Draisaitl is good at hockey and some guy named Thomas Vanek scored a goal too.

Getzlaf overtime winner sends Canada past Russia - Article - TSN

Russia keeping this game so close makes me think Team USA might not be using the best strategy to #BeatCanada.

Czech Republic tops N.A. in final warm-up - Article - TSN

The Czech Republic took the kids to school with this game. McJesus is still scoreless.

Off the Trail

Minnesota Wild: Central Division Preview; Winnipeg Jets
Last season, the Minnesota Wild were to the Winnipeg Jets like the Chicago Blackhawks were to the Minnesota Wild. The first team did better overall, but the second crushed the first during the regular season.

Hockey players, family members lobby Congress on issue of head injuries -
Former players seek research, protections and NHL recognition of links between sports and brain injury.