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Wilderness Walk: Stealing Lights Edition

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You can never have too many quarterbacks, right?
You can never have too many quarterbacks, right?
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning Wilderness! It is the first Friday of September! I don't know about you, but the clock is ticking just a little louder in my house these days. A constant reminder that while we are not quite there, we are painfully close to hockey once again. Football is about to kick off their regular season, and for me that is the queue that hockey is nearly within reach.

Speaking of football, did you guys catch the light show at the Vikings game last night? After each touchdown they put the stadium in full party mode and flashed purple and gold lights all over the stadium. Holy balls that was awesome! So I propose a plan Wilderness. Now it's a little risky, but the payoff is big. This will take a lot of people, so we're going to need help. We need to procure the lights and lighting system at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, and install it at the X. Who's with me!?

Maybe if we all just tweet at the team, they'll do something cool like that. It would require they replace the halogen lighting with an LED system at the X, but I'm sure such an undertaking is relatively cheap. So, make it happen Wilderness!

Today's music, is excellent. It's quick, and maybe you've seen it before, but it's definitely worth your time!

Wild News

Nothing to see here, please disperse.

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