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Mike Reilly lands at #9 in the Top 25 under 25

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Minnesota Wild Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Reilly is an exciting to watch, high potential, defenseman who last year improved to take an NHL spot for 29 games putting up 7 points in those games. He struggled a bit to start the year with Iowa, but earned a fairly mysterious call-up that was based on just taking him out of the “toxic Iowa team.” He will be hoping to secure a roster spot with the NHL team at camp, but will face an uphill battle because he is on a two-way deal and won’t need waivers to go to Iowa, unlike Prosser or Folin. It is likely that Reilly will see time with both the NHL and AHL team in the coming season.

Reilly is an offensive-minded defenseman who has had some struggles in his own end. Since being drafted, his frame has improved and so has his defense, but his defense is still a weakness. Scott Stevens already has said some positive things about him and the new coaching staff has stated that contracts won’t determine whether Reilly makes the team or not. It will be interesting to see what Boudreau and Stevens can get out of Reilly this year and even if he can dominate the AHL when he does get some minor league time. If he is able to secure a roster spot and earn some power-play responsibility, I think 15 to 20 points could be a realistic expectation even if he sees some tme in Iowa.

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