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Wilderness Walk: Labor Day Edition

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Last day of summer! Hockey is almost getting interesting again, although mostly we are still in the part of summer where I spent part of my afternoon in a group text wondering why Rasmus Ristolainen has a Twins hat? (Theory: he's sitting next to Erik Haula, whose hat it is, even though it's sitting on Ristolainen other side.)

ANYWAY. That was fun. Or at least it was more fun than a lot of summer hockey discussions. Who doesn't love a good hat mystery?

Wild News

Off the Trail

Report: Toronto mayor knew Stamkos wasn't signing with Leafs | Canada is so [battery emojis].

Subban posts Gomez tribute with Canadiens logo removed | I love him.

Team USA hopes World Cup will provide Sochi redemption | Click through for sad Zach Parise quotes!

Norway, Germany, Slovenia lock up final 2018 Olympic hockey spots Actual legitimate news about the future!