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Wilderness Walk: Lets Play Hockey Edition

FIH Men's Field Hockey World Cup Photo by Tony Duffy/Getty Images

Good morning Wilderness! And the happiest of Fridays to you as well. It's been a busy week and allegedly a short week, but I'm not convinced. Sure, having Monday off for the holiday was cool. Yet with all the excitement of getting the kids back in school this week, it hardly felt like a quick week, to me at least. Maybe your experience differed.

It's officially football season. You must have sensed it as your toes reached for the floor and you got out of bed this morning. Yes, men in tights have started slamming into each other all for the honor of holding a trophy, that isn't even a Cup! Just insane! So, I'd count my self as a football fan, but the start of football for me signifies just one thing. Hockey is here. We're a ways out from games yet, but we've got the World Cup of hockey kicking off right now, training camps are making their final preparations, things are moving along nicely.

Today's musical selection comes to us from a random twitter search. See I was just looking for other husky rescue twitter-ers to follow and was shocked to learn there is a Finnish band named Husky Rescue. Now I didn't look around for a deep cut for you today. I thought this song was repetitive enough though to accurately represent their catalog. The video is a little weird. I mean, who just drives around singing to the radio? Anyway, ENJOY! (or don't, and enjoy the most metal song ever.)

Wild News

Minnesota Wild: Did Team North America Snub the Wild? | GPW
Probably not. A lot of eligible talent out there to choose from.

Tending the fields

Massive sheet of ice forming in Des Moines this weekend | Sports - KCCI Home
I didn't hear about this in my weather app....


Jonathan Quick to start Friday against Canada – ProHockeyTalk
Ben Bishop will be the backup because he hasn't won a Cup.

Report: Hossa taken to hospital for x-rays after Team Europe loss – ProHockeyTalk
Why are we forcing our stars to play in this .... oh, he's ok? Never mind I guess....

Team North America sent quite a message to World Cup competition – ProHockeyTalk
They're fast. They're skilled. #TheyreOnly18

Connor McDavid, two other Canadians named North American captains | Puck Daddy
I guess if they lose, you can .... ahem.... blame Canada.

Down Goes Brown: The 15 people you meet at every major international hockey tournament
A deep look into the goings on of big hockey. Disturbing.

Off the trail

Devin Setoguchi battle with alcoholism | The Hockey News

NHL 17 Now Playable On EA Access, Feels A Lot Like NHL 16
Who's getting NHL 17?