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Wilderness Walk: New Bed Edition

Hey Wilderness. This isn’t need-to-know stuff, but I’ve slept on the same bed since roughly 2009, a foam PoS from IKEA. It worked well enough, staying in storage containers over summer, etc etc.

That bed is gone, replaced by an actual mattress from a real store. And I gotta say... it. is. wonderful.

If you’re never bought a new mattress, 12/10 would recommend doing so. I haven’t slept this well since I went three days with maybe 9 hours of sleep total while rehearsing 8+ hours a day.

In any case. My ode to my favorite pastime:

Wild News

Minnesota Wild Must Tighten Up Their Defense | Gone Puck Wild
This sounds familiar...

Coyle hopes to snap out of scoring slump for Wild |
Scoring slumps have been an annual thing for the Wild winger, and they usually aren't because he's snake-bit.

Amid recent struggles, Wild's Charlie Coyle has to shoot his shot |
Amid recent struggles, Wild's Charlie Coyle has to shoot his shot. He has managed to take just five shots in the past eight games.

Off the Trail

Burns hits 20-goal mark for 2nd straight year |
BREAKING: Burns is good.

NHL explains new Four Line Challenge at All-Star skills competition |
The premise is simple - players shoot pucks from varying distances on the ice at targets of assorted value.