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Wilderness Walk: Hot Mic Edition

The Wild looked awesome against the Blues, in its last game before the All-Star break. But what if we could have HEARD how awesome it was?

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Minnesota Wild Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, everybody take a deep breath and relax for a few days. The Wild won last night, and Chicago took another you-know-what on home ice against Winnipeg, meaning that the Wild goes into its four-day break with a four-point lead in the Central Division, having played three fewer games than the second-place Blackhawks. Like the players, we all need to recharge, reset, and prepare ourselves for a tough stretch run, as Minnesota looks to continue dominating in the way that it did last night for the rest of the season. Seriously, that was an awesome win.

A referee accidentally got caught with a REALLY hot mic in Nashville last night, cursing repeatedly at one of the players, as he sent another player to the penalty box. Here’s my thing... Think how awesome the uncensored HBO 24/7 series was. With ref cams becoming a thing little by little, and wiring players for sound bites being old hat for professional sports broadcasts, the time has come for us to hear what they’re saying... Like... Actually HEAR what they are saying, in real time, with no filters. Vince McMahon and the XFL were onto something when they put microphones on the field, and it’s something that can work in today’s NHL. For the record, the XFL didn’t fail because of microphones, it failed because the players weren’t any good. Now, back to hockey. Putting live mics on players, refs, and coaches would draw new fans and make the game more exciting for casual fans. Slap it on a premium channel, rate it TV-MA so nobody gets hurt, and get ready to have a thoroughly enjoyable experience, listening to Sidney Crosby get verbally ripped to shreds by the likes of Cody McLeod.

If the NHL did something like this, its ratings would skyrocket, as fans sitting at home would get a feeling of truly being part of the action. With the exception of the introduction of HDTV, there really haven’t been many improvements to the way that hockey is broadcasted in the past twenty years. It’s time for something cool, and I think swear words and chirps are the way to go. Or maybe they could put a stupid streak around the puck? Oh they tried that? Ok, swear words it is.

As the NHL heads into a short vacation, good old Weezer takes you through today’s Wilderness Walk. I recognize that it’s not much of a video, but the message in the lyrics is there.

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